I am very happy that you are here, it means that you are planning the most wonderful day in your life - congratulations! 

Organization of the wedding
is a
big challenge, but at the same time a beautiful adventure, I will gladly join you on this way.

At the beginning, let
me introduce myself, my name is Monika Piotrowska and I am a certified wedding consultant.


A few facts about me:

  • I fell in love with weddings when I was preparing myself for the role of a bride

  • I love travels

  • I can't imagine a home without a pet

  • Linguist and PR specialist by education, lover of the Spanish language

  • there is no space for more plants in my house, but during shopping, they end up in my basket by themselves!

  • a good thriller is a favorite way to de-stress

  • I can talk about weddings for hours

  • my couples are not just clients for me, it's definitely more than that! After all, we will experience the most important day of their lives together   

Own experience is not everything, I was lucky to get the knowledge from the best specialists!